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Among the millions of blogs on Tumblr, only a small number are contributors of original content: “the world’s creators”

And if you’ve ever looked at Tumblr’s Explore Page you might notice that Photography is oddly absent.

There’s #design, #art, #architecture and even #artists on tumblr — but no mention of anything related to the art of taking pictures with a camera. Even #film is a trap — it’s for movies, not analog photography!

We don’t think this situation is acceptable. So let’s Fight it.

We’d like to ask all original photographers on Tumblr to start putting the #photographers on tumblr tag on every single photo you post.

Photographers deserve more recognition among the Creators on Tumblr. Hopefully, by using this tag we’ll help the entire community of Tumblr photographers get noticed — and maybe one day we will see that tag on the Tumblr Explore page too.

Reblog this post and spread the word.

Photographers on Tumblr

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