Glad I didn’t get any Jessops vouchers for Christmas!

January 10, 2013 by scavengedluxury

I have mixed feelings about (UK camera store chain) Jessops going into administration. As a place to buy camera gear they have been in decline since the original family management were bought out- high prices, limited choice, old stock, hard sell tactics. Staff were poorly trained and overworked on low pay. But they were the last national camera chain and they were useful if you were in an unfamiliar town and needed a memory card, lens cloth, filter etc. If they go under for good it will leave many towns with nowhere people can try out a camera before buying it or take it back to the shop for after sales service. Hmmm.

  1. euanlynn said: A camera shop called Bonsers closed here on Saturday. Jacobs closed about a year ago. If Jessops goes, there’ll be no camera shop in Newcastle! Only a tiny Currys/PC World with their meagre stock & knowledge…
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