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The lost art of the record bagThis rare collection of record store shopping bags - many of which are no longer in business - shows how the High Street has changed.

“Any music lover of a certain age will remember proudly swinging one of these iconic carrier bags on their arm after their Saturday morning visit to a record shop.  

After hours of trawling the shelves for the latest single on 45 inch vinyl or cassette tapes, teenagers would rush home to their bedrooms and listen to the eagerly awaited tracks.  

But as the world of internet downloads and online stores took over the music industry, the traditional record shops and their iconic bags have almost become a relic of the past.

These pictures show a collection of 1970s shopping bags from some of the biggest record stores in Britain - many of which are sadly no longer in existence.”

I still have lots of old Selectadisc bags. It was nice when you saw people walking around Nottingham with those, all you see nowadays is a sea of Primark bags.

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